5 Steps To Getting Started

Step 1. Events and Webinars

See all events and sign up for the next webinar HERE

Step 2. Setup your charts, and get FREE live futures and forex data: Get NinjaTrader - it's FREE!

Apex Investing has developed specialized bars and indicators for the NinjaTrader platform.

Tutorials: Setting Up NinjaTrader & Data Feeds Go here for Step by Step Tutorials On How to Setup and Install NinjaTrader and Data Feeds Tutorials

It is important to note that you need futures data even if trading forex as we use futures forex volume when trading spot forex or nadex.

Even if you only trade Nadex you need charts and data. Nadex provides charts of the price of the spreads and binaries, but it's critically important to have proper charts of the underlying instruments.

Why use NinjaTrader?

Step 3. Setup your demos & or live account

Open Nadex Demo/Live Account If trading on Nadex You will need a Nadex account (Residents of USA, US Territories, Canada and Mexico only):

Nadex TIP: After you fund an account then place at least, at a minimum, 1 contract on a live trade. Whether it is a $3.00 risk trade or a $90 risk trade it counts. Then contact Nadex and the rep will extend your demo for a year at customerservice@nadex.com

Open A Live Futures and Or Forex or CFD Account

  • Open Live Futures Account If trading LIVE futures from anywhere when ready fund a live futures account at NinjaTrader Brokerage
  • Open Live Forex Account If trading LIVE spot forex from anywhere when ready fund a live forex account at Ninja Trader Brokerage
  • Open A Demo or LIVE CFD Account NON-US Residents - If trading LIVE CFD's open a demo and when ready fund a live account at IG Markets
  • Futures/Forex Tip: Note you can demo trade futures and forex if you have already done the steps listed in step 2 for the NinjaTrader Tutorials: Setting Up Ninja and Data Feeds

  • Step 4. Go to the Elite Education Tab and start your step by step process based on the instrument you are trading