Summary Of Getting Started Steps For P3 Signals

Setup Ninja

Ninja Trader Live Data Free and Platform Free!

Don’t use web based charts or mt4 for futures etc…


This entire process takes about 30 max (that includes filling in short form and waiting 15 minutes for key from AMP and from Global for FX

Step 1)  Download NT7 – get key in email … – referred by apex – broker na – enter email – click download

Step 2) Get free live futures data with AMP: 

Step 3) Get free Forex Data with Gain/Global Futures: …

Step 4) Once you fill in the form they will give you login data within about 15 minutes via email: Futures data setup: …

Step 5) Once you fill in the form they will give you login data within about 15 minutes via email: Futures data setup: …

Step 6) Use Setup Links after you do steps 1-3 and have key/login info

If you need help downloading Ninja/Installing It/Getting futures data connected call or skype Justin Contact Info Here: …

If you need help on forex Data call Vinny 1-877-367-3177 x 202 – note do futures first (step 2)

NOTE: You can connect to futures and forex at the same time
Step 7) Once setup – then close ninja – download and install deviation indicator (currently free with p3 subcription) …
TIP: if you change you computer clock to ET – then it will match nadex and Close reopen Ninja then and it will be in ET. Avoids confusion
Step 8) Open Ninja – Connect to Data – Then Open Chart – Right Click on Chart – Indicators Add Apex Diagnostic Deviations – it will ask for key
They key for the deviations can be found here: …
If you don’t see one there then submit a help desk ticket
Then Close and reopen Ninja one more time – now when you add deviations they will show up
Step 9) Whenever looking at a chart in Ninja – always make sure month matches what Nadex says – ie Gold (Apr) must be april contract GC 04-13
For a list of symbols and formats that correspond to nadex markets go here: … and click on find symbol tab
IMPORTANT: For Core Trades Always Look At the 1 Minute Open Bar Price at 11 AM ET
Review the Core/Gap/Bonus Examples & Risk Management Info:
Review the Core Calculator …  You need to know how to use this so you have correct strikes
It is simple
1) Enter Buy/Sell
2) Enter the opening price of the 11 AM ET 1 Minute Bar in NT7
3) Enter the binary strike above and below the price entered in step 2
4) Click anywhere and it will show you the ITM strike
TIP: You can right click on the calc link and open more than one tab if more than 1 core trade