The Stop Trigger Plugin For Nadex Scanner Training Course

Please make sure to complete each section of the course in order to be able to best master the system is the shortest period of time.
You MUST start at the beginning and watch each each module and unit in order or you will not be able to access the next module. You will need to pass the quiz on each unit in order to get access to the next one.
Be sure to be using Google Chrome when watching these courses. If you have any trouble accessing, be sure you have completed the previous unit and all quizzes, use Google Chrome, delete cache, history, cookies, close browser and then reopen.

*** Please note: there Is now a slight change to the way that you install the Nadex Ticket Extension Plug In. Please follow along with the videos and once you click to install the extension a video will pop up showing you the new way to install. Please follow these instructions and then continue on with the rest of the training videos. Only the quick installation process has changed. All other aspects, usage, troubleshooting etc remain the same.

Not completing the course in order will cause assumptions and errors.

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We will be adding quizzes to the courses by 5/2/2014 at which time certifications and a handbook for those courses will be available.


For Questions on the Stop Plugin Please Go To Click This Link To Go To The Forum

Course Lessons

The Nadex Stop Plug In Training Course
Step By Step Walk Through Of The Stop Plug In
Module 1Installing Nadex Ticket Extension
Installing Nadex Ticket Extension
Unit 1Stop Plug Intro and Updates {VIDEO 4 Mins}
Unit 2Installing Nadex Ticket Extension {VIDEO-6 Mins}
Module 2Installing Chrome & Chrome Issues
Installing Chrome & Chrome Issues
Unit 1Installing Chrome & Chrome Issues {VIDEO-3 Mins}
Module 3Trade Tracker
Trade Tracker
Unit 1Nadex Trade Tracker {VIDEO-3 Mins}
Module 4Demo The Stop Plug
Why You Should Demo The Stop Plug
Unit 1Demo The Stop Plug-IN {VIDEO-3 Mins}
Module 5Limit Order & Stop Trigger
Limit Order & Stop Trigger
Unit 1Limit Order & Stop Trigger {VIDEO-6 Mins}
Module 6Trigger Price
Trigger Price
Unit 1Trigger Price {VIDEO-1 Mins}
Module 7Indicative- Forex
Indicative- Forex
Unit 1Indicative- Forex {VIDEO-8 Mins}
Module 8Duplicate Trigger Price
Duplicate Trigger Price
Unit 1Duplicate Trigger Price {VIDEO-2 Mins}
Module 9Market Offset & Bid / Offer Size
Market Offset & Bid / Offer Size
Unit 1Market Offset & Bid / Offer Size Part 1 {VIDEO-6 Mins}
Unit 2Market Offset & Bid / Offer Size Part 2 {VIDEO-10 Mins}
Module 10Worst Limit
Worst Limit
Unit 1Worst Limit {VIDEOS-8 Mins}
Module 11The Stop Monitoring Feature
The Stop Monitoring Feature
Unit 1Stop Monitoring {VIDEO-10 Mins}
Module 12The "Explain" Feature
The "Explain" Feature
Unit 1The "Explain" Feature {VIDEO-5 Mins}
Module 13Using the Stop Plug In for SPREADS
Using the Stop Plug In for SPREADS
Unit 1Using the Stop Plug In for SPREADS {VIDEO-8 Mins}
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